When quality counts, you can count on us.

Nicholas Firewood is a family-owned, family-run business with deep roots in Tucson. Over a decade in business provides us with extensive experience and knowledge of local woods used for a variety of purposes. We specialize in firewood and are always on hand to provide personalized recommendations. Whether grilling outside, camping in the woods, enjoying a fire in your home fireplace or using wood for hobby, we're ready to offer advice about the best wood for you.


We use the industry's best sustainable practices to ensure future generations can enjoy all the types of wood we love and use today, and we take the time to correctly season each piece we offer. Customer service is a top priority at Nicholas Firewood and we're here to provide the personal attention you deserve, whether you need a bag of firewood for your fireplace, a cord stacked in the backyard, multiple cords for your business or individual quotes for custom projects.

From Tree to Door

Customers are always curious – and often a little surprised by – what it takes to get the right wood to your home the right way. So we created this infographic to help illustrate the process.